Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Example of Citizen Action - Read the Bills Senator

Here is a great video that EmyTheImmigrant Blog turned me onto. Outraged citizens react to 8/04/2009
Senator Arlen Specter's flimsy explanation of why he can't actually read the bills that he votes on, but its OK, he says that he does not vote on anything until he understands it. Huh? It sounds a bit like the second grader's explanation when he is busted for hiding piles of his homework in his closet.

This is a teachable moment.

What's the hurry? Afraid people might read the bills themselves and find out how really bad the bill is for American health care. Ya, that must be it.
Several town hall meetings are scheduled in the next month or so in Northern Virginia, maybe you and me can make a difference at one or two.

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  1. FYI

    Obama attending fundraiser for Deeds tonight

    Date: Thursday, August 6, 2009

    Location: Hilton McLean Tysons Corner (Grand Ballroom), 7920 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, VA



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