Monday, December 20, 2010

A Successful Banquet and A Historical Year

A Successful Banquet and A Historic Year

In the advent of a new year, we pause for reflection with sincere appreciation.   Our remarkable efforts this year comes to an end with the reaffirmation of the refreshing Constitutional values that unite us.  The Northern Virginia Tea Party continues to promote the basic principles we all embrace.  While the movement continues to grow, our responsibility remains more profound.  While it is accurate to acknowledge that in any relationship change is a constant and while internally we continue to advance the principles that unite us; the debate of ideals is welcome as long as civility remains a constant. 
Our recent yearly banquet was a rousing success and demonstrated how resolve and resiliency remains the hallmark of the phenomena that is our organization.  Throughout the year such events with our local elected leaders such as Governor Bob McDonnell, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli or Delegate Bob Marshall and other possible candidates of the future such as national figures former Governor and Senator George Allen, Jamie Radtke, and Delaware's Christine O'Donnell clearly demonstrate that in our carefully crafted presentations, our actions and involvements attract a national media.
Our involvements continue to focus on the mandates of our great commonwealth of Virginia and new legislation that can promote our values or cripple our purpose.  Our outreach remains bi partisan in direction and we continue to extend an open hand to all legal citizens of Virginia and embrace every race, creed and color. 
It remains extended to both sides of the political isle and respectfully invites a dialogue that continues to allow our Patriots to hear how "You" can show "Us" how you will further support the constitution, promote the return to federalism,  demonstrate fiscal conservatism and embrace patriotism.
The New Year will bring new focus and new organization as we invite all who seek a more responsibility from our commonwealth and the nation to join us as "We The People" continue to preserve the union that so many great veterans and Patriots have fought, bled and died for yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Ron Wilcox
Lead Organizer
Northern Virginia Tea Party

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