Sunday, June 28, 2009

Terrific Response

We are having a terrific response to our Independence Day event so please bear with us as we catch up and respond to your inquiries. Invitations will be sent out in time for the event. An invitation is not required to get in but it gets you a discount on the out of region entry fee if you live outside the parks region. (See side bar for more info.) Otherwise the event is entirely free.

Bring a couple of extra signs if you can to share, and keep the message simple about taxes, spending, borrowing or regulation.

More to come...

An open letter to the President

Is no health care bil this Congress better than the big government intrusions into healthcare markets?

Should all candidates for public office pledge to personally read and understand every bill before voting in favor of a measure?

Emy the Immigrant Speaks Out Against Sotomayor

Sonya Sotomayor on the Supreme Court would be a disaster for government restraint and would seek extensive Government intervention in our lives. Visit Emy the Immigrant's blog and sign the petition against confirmation of Sotomayor.

Should Congress reject any bills nationalizing health care?

While America Celebrates its Independence, Iranians Seek Freedom Too, Emy the Immigrant Speaks Out

Visit Emy the Immigrant Blog Tea Parties on the 4th of July across America protest President Obama's policies.

Should Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner be forced to resign for lying to Congress?

Should the US Senate reject Cap and Trade legislation as a economically destructive overreach of Government power?

Concerned Father Confronts Congressman Dingell at Town Hall Meeting