Sunday, June 28, 2009

Terrific Response

We are having a terrific response to our Independence Day event so please bear with us as we catch up and respond to your inquiries. Invitations will be sent out in time for the event. An invitation is not required to get in but it gets you a discount on the out of region entry fee if you live outside the parks region. (See side bar for more info.) Otherwise the event is entirely free.

Bring a couple of extra signs if you can to share, and keep the message simple about taxes, spending, borrowing or regulation.

More to come...


  1. So beautifully and eloquently stated. May God Bless and preserve our Republic.

  2. I was a speaker at the DC Tea Party back in April. Are there going to be open mike opportunities for citizens to speak? I'd like a slot please. Whom do I speak to about this.

    Here's the video of my 1st 5 minute speech at the DC tea party--with a little more time to prepare I can do a much better presentation this time....


  3. Hi I spoke at the DC tea party and would love opportunity to speak out again as a citizen and father of soon to be 5 children.

    Whom do I speak to about this? Open mike? I can have an even better presentation this time I assure you with some time to put some thoughts together.


  4. I come from a state that in 1977 had a huge deficit and unemployment at 14%, I was homeless living in a car in rest areas as were many others. The politicians there wanted to put in income tax because of the deficit. We don't vote party lines there and anyone talking income tax lost their job. Those left and the new ones in started policies that have provided my state last year with an 11 bil surplus.

    1. Comptroller office, (voted in, not appointed) any bill out of legislature must be audited by the comptroller with respect to a projected 2 year budget. If the comptroller decides the government cannot afford the bill it does not go to the governor it goes back to the house. No bill is passed that the state cannot afford, 2. the state put in a mandate that all divisions and departments in the state must be audited every 2 years and can be audited at least every 6 months. The audit is to find waste and redundancy. If it is found that two or more departments are divisions are duplicating duties the entities are either combined or one is deleted. Saves the state a lot of money.
    3. Lower taxes - No income tax, no personal property tax, no inheritance tax, no business tax, no tax on food, no tax on medicenes, no tax twice a year on goods. Low fees, sales tax 6.25% and real estate tax are the only taxes on the people in other words those who are low or no income pay no tax period.
    4. Cap on litigation, before this change doctors where disappearing because of high insurance cost. I had to drive 45 min to get to a doctor to have my baby and I was not in the country, that has changed, we have more doctors now. Insurance is much lower for them there than in other states, so medical cost are lower there than here. We have some of the best cancer and heart hospitals in the US and world.


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