Friday, September 10, 2010

Grassroots Training Saturday, September 18

Beat the Political Establishment - How Political Outsiders Like You Can Turn Things Upside Down

Be There ... or Be Ineffective!

What: "Learn how to Beat the Political establishment!" - A one day class that will radically improve your effectiveness in advancing Tea Party Values

When: Saturday, September 18th, from 9am-4pm

Where: 10740 Parkridge Boulevard, Reston, VA.(at Hunter Mill exit of Dulles Toll Road)

Northern Virginia Tea Party is offering you a private one day training session by two of Virginia’s top experts in issues advocacy and political persuasion – for ONLY $35 - including lunch! These guys will turn your impression of how to be effective completely upside down. Sign up, even if you can only attend half a day (though honestly you'll regret missing even a bit of this special program).

Every specialty has its experts, people who have learned things the hard way, so you don't have to. Steve Waters and Joe Glover, old hands in the Virginia issues and political scene, have not only been personally trained by the best instructors in “outside” issues advocacy, but they have also practiced and refined it in numerous issues and political campaigns. Their techniques, which you don't get from standard classes, are hugely effective.

As life-long conservative activist and leader Morton Blackwell says, “You owe it to your philosophy to study how to win”. At this one day class, Steve and Joe will share with you techniques that will transform your effectiveness in advancing Tea Party values.
Advance registration is mandatory, and we may have to turn people away do to the room size.

Please do the following two things:

First, Click on the PayPal link below to pay , then copy whatever confirmation information and then SECOND past this into our google form here; to guarantee your seat at this incredible training. (Our database does not interface with the PayPal.

You really owe this to your country, and your children, so we hope to see you there!

Training Options

An open letter to the President

Is no health care bil this Congress better than the big government intrusions into healthcare markets?

Should all candidates for public office pledge to personally read and understand every bill before voting in favor of a measure?

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