Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is REALLY coming America.

Great to see so many at the Tea Party, a bit damp wasn't it! The rain may have kept a lot of people away but the fact so many did turn up in the appalling conditions speaks to the depth of concern by the people.

Concerned you should be reader. With all due respect, if you have not lived in a Socialist society you really do not know what is coming at you. You will only find out after the fact, how Socialism is an insidious plague which will under mine your basic principals of every day life.

How is it I can make this statement? because I have lived the Socialist nightmare in England where I grew up. I moved here to the USA twenty four years ago to get away from the gathering storm clouds of a Socialist England and now here it comes to America.
I was very fortunate in that I have dual nationality, so I could come and go as I pleased.

I have never in my life openly protested anything. On the contrary I have been in 'The Thin Blue Line' between the protesters and common sense. I have served as a Police Constable in London in the mid seventies and as a Deputy Sheriff here in Northen Virginia until 12/27/07 when i was unceremoniously not reappointed by the 'good ole boy' Sheriff of Fauquier County.

My brief Resume is to tell you, the reader that I am SO worried about the future here in the USA that I am compelled to act.

If you allow it the Government will become such a massive part of your everday life. Take a look at the Brit press on line. Study the articles that highlight how insane life has become for the average person in England. Do you know there are 'Garbage Police'!! yep, local authorities appoint inspectors to travel ahead of the garbage trucks to check that garbage containers are positioned on the sidewalk excatly as designated by the authority and that the lids of the containers are not open so as to allow flies in. If a bin is found to be not in the exact spot and/or with the top open even an inch a $100 fine is issued to the home owner on the spot!! How insane is that?

The National Health system is a shambles. DO NOT get sick in England, it may well be some time before you get to see a doctor depending on your malady.

I could go on and on. My point is, this big government coupled with the move to Socialsim is, in my humble opinion the worst thing to happen to America since the Civil War. This time the devastation will be total.

Do not be complacent people. Keep in contact with like minded people. Voice your opinion, talk to friends, work associates 'keep the kettle boiling'. If we don't we will only have ourselves to blame when we can no longer be free as we were five months ago.

The worst is yet to come.

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