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Another great article by Woodrow Wilcox



By Woodrow Wilcox

When one of the clients of this insurance agency has a problem with a Medicare related bill, it usually comes to me. I am the senior medical bill problem solver at the largest senior citizen oriented insurance agency in the Midwest.

This agency does not charge our senior citizen clients to help them with Medicare medical bill problems. It costs the agency money, but we do it without charge to be helpful and demonstrate our concern for our clients. In the last six years, I have saved clients of this insurance agency over $600,000 by canceling wrongful bills that were caused by Medicare mistakes.

Whether the problem involves a few dollars or thousands of dollars, errors caused by Medicare can cost senior citizens time, money, and stress.

If Obama and his allies in Congress succeed in forcing a national health care system modeled after Medicare, then everyone will start to experience the same medical bill problems caused by errors at government agencies which senior citizens have had with Medicare for years.

The errors caused by Medicare are caused by errors or problems with systems, mechanics, or personnel (human errors). The errors cost time and effort to the insurance agency, insurance company, and medical office personnel who must work to fix a problem caused by Medicare.

Today, I had to investigate and write two letters for one of our clients to get her medical bills corrected and paid properly. Medicare never sent the claim to the client’s insurance company. That happens quite often.

It costs time, money, and effort to correct medical bill problems that are caused by Medicare. It is a drag on the national economy. If a national health care system that is modeled on Medicare is imposed, the problems that it creates will be a much bigger drag on the national economy.

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Written on September 21, 2009 by Woodrow Wilcox
Wilcox News Service

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