Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kirby's day on the Hill to Welcome Sen. Brown

Kirby's day on the Hill to Welcome Sen. Brown


Today I went on Senate Hill with the US flag and a sign, "Thank You Massachusetts, Welcome Sen. Brown" and on the back side of sign " Harry, Democrats, Its the Jobs, Economy, Stupid". I was interview by CBS, Boston Globe, Roll Call, National Journal, Politico, AP, NY Times and several others.

Sen. Brown came out of the Senate Chamber Protocol, passed the press and came right to me and shook hands. Then even more press surrounded me and begin to ask questions. I think over 200 pictures were taken by press in all during the day. Many students here for the Pro Life Rally on Friday stopped and took pictures with me and sign. It was some day. I think the reason was that so many where on the Hill to document Sen. Brown's first appearance on Capitol Hill and I was the only one with a sign.

I told them that this AM I decided I wanted to be on the Hill for all those Tea Party Patriots and Doctors that came from across the country on 9/12 and 11/5 to tell Congress they were wrong on HC. That however the Democrats had not listened to the people because the Demo's had power to do what ever they wanted. That now with the Miracle in Massachusetts that the democrats would have to go back to the drawing board.

Told some of Brown's campaign workers that I had to admit I never believed he would win, that I did not believe that Massachusetts would elect a Republican and I did not want to get my hopes up. Sen. McCain saw my sign as his car drove up to the Protocol got out with a big smile, waved and said thank you.

Shook hands with Sen Sam Brownback KS, Sen. John Ensign NV and Tony Perkins Family Research Council.

But it was a great day for a hobby political person. There were a lot of happy people on Capitol Hill today. I was there from 10:30 AM-4:30 PM

Never Elect and Give a Party Total Power over the People

Ron Kirby

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  1. As he walked toward a sport utility vehicle to leave, Brown spotted a Virginia man standing on the sidewalk holding a homemade sign that read: “Thank you Massachusetts. Welcome Sen. Brown.’’

    Before getting into the SUV, Brown walked over and shook the man’s hand.

    Andrew Ryan of the Globe staff contributed to this report. Matt Viser can be reached at maviser@globe.com


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