Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wolf tells tea partiers GOP can fix nation's problems

Wolf tells tea partiers GOP can fix nation's problems
Wednesday August 18, 2010

Wolf tells tea partiers GOP can fix nation's problems

Congressman addresses about 200 at rally

Members of a local conservative political group gathered in Herndon Monday to hear U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Dist. 10) address their concerns.

About 200 members of the Northern Virginia Tea Party, including head organizer Ron Wilcox, jammed themselves into the back room of the Amphora Diner in Herndon around noon to hear Wolf give an impromptu "State of the Union" speech and address specific questions about the future of the Republican Party.

"I have never been more concerned for our country," Wolf said. "If we were a business, we would be filing for bankruptcy."

For about five minutes, Wolf painted a dire picture of a U.S. whose debts are being continuously purchased by foreign powers while the current administration spends money foolishly.

"This administration has failed," Wolf said, "America may lose its AAA bond rating by 2013. Meanwhile President [Barack] Obama recently approved $23 million to be spent ratifying the constitution of Kenya."

After his short speech, Wolf was peppered with questions by tea party members wanting to know what he and the Republican Party were going to do about the future of the country, which many referred to as a "sinking ship."

"I have a reputation of honesty and integrity," Wolf said. "You can believe me when I tell you that a Republican Congress will come in next year, and it will address everything that needs addressing." Former Herndon Town Council member Ann Null asked Wolf what could be done by citizens working the polls to prevent voter fraud.

"The Republican Party should take on the responsibility of establishing teams of lawyers and a hotline that people can access if they witness any impropriety at the polls," he said. "These lawyers should be prepared to file immediate injunctions to keep voter fraud at bay. Anyone witnessing fraud should report it through this process."

After the short question-and-answer session, Wilcox thanked Wolf for attending and said the Northern Virginia Tea Party movement, which centers on fighting excessive government spending and taxation, was going strong.

"There are about 1,500 members and we are growing every day," he said.

"More and more politicians are coming to our meetings," said James Dimaria of Herndon. "They know that we are for real and that we are growing. They know they can not afford to ignore us."

"I think it is a healthy movement," Wolf said. "The tea party is a movement of the people and not an institutional one. The more citizen participation you have, the stronger a democracy becomes."

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