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Breaking Exclusive: Crew Director uses own Father to levy FEC charges against Christine O’Donnell- Tea Party News

Breaking Exclusive: Crew Director uses own Father to levy FEC charges against Christine O’Donnell- Tea Party News

O’Donnell attacker, Melanie Sloan, uses her own father to file trumped up charges with FEC
The Freedomist has been investigating the charges levied against Tea Party champion Christine O’Donnell by the partisan group, CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington- which targets conservative leaders), led by Attorney Melanie Sloan.  In the course of that investigation, The Freedomist has learned that the group, CREW, filed a charge on behalf of a Leonard S Togman.  (see the official charges here from a PDF posted on the crew site:
FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION In the matter of: Christine O’Donnell …
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
Complainant Leonard S. Togman is a citizen of the United States, a registered voter, and a resident of the State of Delaware. As a registered voter,
While Mr Togman may be a Delaware voter, what has been omitted from Melanie Sloan’s statements on this case, from the official complaint filed by the FEC,  and the official statements made by CREW, is that Leonard Togman is Melanie Sloan’s father.  Not only is Leonard Togman the father of Melanie Sloan, like Melanie Sloan herself, he also happens to be a heavy Biden supporter.  He is also a strong supporter of the man many people believe Christine O’Donnell will challenge in 2012, Thomas Carper.
This story is about much more than Tea Party challenger Christine O’Donnell, this is about the tactics being used by progressives to assault our Tea Party and Conservative Leaders over and over again with personal assaults, using accusations, false charges, and a myriad of Alinksy-like tactics to undermine the person, since they cannot stand in front of the American people and tell them to vote for their kind of candidate, ones who are beholden to big government, big unions, and political class elitism.  This is why we call on our Freedomist readers to help us get this story out about Melanie Sloan and her Father, political class elitists using our own government to attempt to destroy any Freedom-loving leader that dares stand in the way of their big government agenda.  How can you help”  You can link this site onto your own site.  You can tweet this story out.  But more importantly, you can do this:
contact the Chairman of the House Committee that oversees the FEC to ask them exactly why they have not dismissed this obvious partisan assault by the father of one of Christine O’Donnell’s political enemies, Melanie Sloan.
Go to his official House website here:
Call him at these numbers and tell Dan Lungren to ask the FEC why they are allowing this trumped up charge to go forward, and why they are not investigating Melanie Sloan for filing false charges:
(916) 859-9906: District Office
(202) 225-5716: Washington Office
Here is more information about this emerging controversy now surrounding the accuser herself, Melanie Sloan:
1)    Melanie Sloan’s father is Leonard S. Togman, a retired attorney from Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP.[3]
2)    CREW’s Complaint against Christine O’Donnell is based upon — LEONARD S. TOGMAN (her father) — for “standing” of a Delaware voter.
3)     Leonard S. Togman’s campaign donations are almost exclusively donations to  JOE BIDEN and Thmoas Carper.

The Complaint against Christine O’Donnell is officially, formally brought on behalf of a Delaware voter LEONARD S. TOGMAN.
This same Leonard S. Togman has made 16 donations to Biden in the last decade, totaling $9,975, and 8 donations to Democratic Senator Tom Carper, whom everyone expects Christine O’Donnell to run against for the US Senate in 2012, totaling $4,500
67.7% of all of the Togman’s political donations have been to JOE BIDEN
30.5% of all of the Togman’s political donations have been to TOM CARPER, possible future opponent for Christine O’Donnell in 2012.
Melanie Sloan is using her father, a Biden-Carp supporter, as she is,  as the COMPLAINTANT in the FEC Complaint.
Here is the link to the pdf file that lists Leonard S. Togman as the official complainant in the charges trumped up by his daughter, Melanie Sloan:

Here is a video of a CBS story just after the O’Donnell upset of Rino Mike Castle featuring Melanie Sloan.  Note that CBS refers to Crew (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics) as a non-artisan group urging the FEC to investigate O’Donnell, never mentioning CREW was using Melanie Sloan’s father, Leonard S Togman to trigger the investigation, filing a bogus complaint for his daughter, and in support of Joe Biden and Thomas Carper:


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