Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lugar Looses Or Tea Party Win?

Official Statement:

Lugar Looses or Tea Party Win?
Today could be celebrated as Zombie day: Return of the Dead Tea Party.  For months and throughout the presidential primary season, media and “Republican Strategists” on cable have claimed the Tea Party Dead – withered away. Articles like the one linked,, abound.  After all – there are no rallies so we must be gone. When we were not accused of being dead, we were accused of single-handedly stopping all meaningful compromise in Washington DC.  Never mind that every compromise cost us hundreds of billions of dollars in national treasure we do not have.
So which is it? Are we dead or all powerful?
We’re neither, we’re working on Tea Party 2.0 and the media is looking for Tea Party 1.0.  Tea Party 1.0 showed up to protest the egregious abuses of power.  Tea Party 1.0 enabled millions of Americans to learn how corruption broke down the checks and balances of our Republic. Tea Party 1.0 culminated with the 2010 elections where the House at the federal level made historic gains. Tea Party 1.0’s most significant success was not the federal government’s change but the 700 local government candidates who replaced the up-and-coming spend-a-holics.  Tea Party 1.0 permanently shifted the dialogue to fiscal sanity.  Four years ago, Mitt Romney was the most conservative candidate who Republicans could have chosen.  Today, Mitt Romney is the most liberal Republican choice.  Four Years ago, American talked about change, now America talks about rolling back government.
Six Years ago, Senator Lugar was so formidable, he went unchallenged.  Today he stands defeated. 
Barack Obama noted Dick Lugar was President Obama’s favorite Republican. Senator Lugar came to symbolize Washington’s devil’s bargain – you get power if you compromise your principles. Today, the Tea Party tore up that bargain. You get power in Washington today, if your constituents believe you represent them.  Throughout the country, Tea Party 2.0 works to effect change - not through massive rally’s but through winning elections.  Our goal is to win from the ground up.  Tea Party 2.0 is about controlling the party apparatus from the ground up of BOTH political parties – Republicans first and then the Democrats.  Tea Party 2.0 is about controlling local communities and NOT promoting big spending progressives.  In 2010 700 local elected big spenders were defeated.
Tea Party 2.0 in 2012 will repeat the local gains of 2010.  How do you know?  Look at Wisconsin and North Carolina – both states had marquee votes on 8 May.  In North Carolina the citizens voted against Judicial Activism by passing a Marriage amendment to their state constitution.  In Wisconsin the two most popular democrats challenging Scott Walker could not beat him if you combined their respective total votes in the primary.  If the two most popular Dems in Wisconsin combined vote totals can’t beat Walker’s uncontested primary race vote total, how will the progressives win in the general election?  They won’t. It’s no secret that the Tea Party in Wisconsin is behind Scott Walker.
SO continue to work diligently and cheerfully in 2012 for Tea Party 2,0 goals and know we’re winning far more than we are losing. Reversing 100 years of progressivism won’t be a 100 day effort.  It won’t be a 1000 day effort, but neither will it be a 100 year effort…And Tea Party 3.0 lurks in the future…

May 8th 2012
Copyright 2012 Northern Virginia Tea Party

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