Monday, November 9, 2009

Photos from the 11/05 House Call Press Conference and Lobbying

Folks gathering for the rally, crowd too wide for lens to capture.

A sea of concerned citizens at the Bachmann Press Conference.

Citizen lobbyists waiting for the chance to see Congressman Tom Perriello (VA-5) and express their disapproval for the hastily written HR 3962 Government takeover of health care.

Constituents confront Congressman Connolly's Communications Director George Burke as he dissembles about the health care bill. Congressman Connolly was AWOL in "meetings" all day.

Part of a small group of counter demonstrators fighting to take away our health care freedoms. Medicare has more percent fraud and denies more percentage of claims than private insurance. So the guys with the higher fraud and claims denial are going to show private insurance how to be better??? Huh?

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