Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Report on Merrifield tax Day Tea Party

According to organizers of the Northern Virginia Tax Day Tea Party, the event was attended by over 350 citizens who are outraged by the mad money spending by the Federal government by the Democrat controlled Congress under the Bush and Obama Administrations. They lined both sides of Lee highway in front of the postal complex. The demonstrators stood firm despite being battered by the continuous heavy rainfall, many dressed in rain wear and still needing an umbrella. The demonstrators spent over two and a half hours in the down pour holding signs like "US Out of GM" and "Stop the Mad Money Spending," chanting STOP (left side of road) SPENDING. Organizers were only expecting 25 people, but to their surprise 350 showed uup despite the heavy downpour and unfavorable location (inconvenient parking). the heavy turnout is evidence of the strong feelings of the general public about the level and direction of Federal spending. The event was not without comic relief, however, two lonely counter protesters sported a sign that said, "I (heart) Titties." Which they explained as their feeling that women were under represented in Congress. Not sure whether they got their point across.

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