Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Slogans for Signs at the Rally

OK the 15th is fast coming on us. We need to come up with some really cool slogans for posters to carry at the rally. Please respond with a comment to this post with your very best ideas.

To get the ball rolling:

Bailouts are Welfare for the Rich.

Keep the Govt out of our Boardrooms.

No Loans From China

OK, lets see who can come up with the best idea.


  1. Geithner's Gotta Go

  2. I quite agree, how come there is never any shortage of bad people to populate a Democratic Administration.

  3. No Welfare for Rich: No Bailouts

  4. How about:

    A Revolution is Brewing!


    Tea Party Patriot: The Second American Revolution

    Three Little Pigs: Obama • Reid • Pelosi

    Stimulate the Economy...Impeach Obama!

  5. Individual Rights, Individual Responsibility = Liberty

    Group Rights, Group Responsibility = The Road to Serfdom

  6. Don't Bankrupt America!

    My KIDS know you can't spend what you don't have!

  7. American Dream (crossed out with "Nightmare" written over it)

  8. Keep you Change!

  9. This is a clear indication that a democratic system without a strong education system will end up as a breeding ground for anarchy. We saw evidence of just that kind of chaos in the "press conference" led by Congresswoman Bachman.


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