Tuesday, October 6, 2009


By Woodrow Wilcox

In his September 9 speech to Congress, Obama criticized private insurance companies for not covering certain things. Obama is ignorant of the fact that the federal Medicare system won’t cover certain things.

For example, a client of the insurance agency where I work just discovered that Medicare won’t pay anything on his ambulance bill. He is a diabetic senior citizen and veteran from the Miller section of Gary, Indiana. Recently, his daughter phoned an ambulance for help. The ambulance people gave him emergency services for being a diabetic, but did not transport him. The treatment may have saved his life, but Medicare won’t pay for any first responder services. The client is stuck with a $250 bill.

Recently, three of our senior citizen clients were shocked to learn that Medicare refused to pay for their pelvic and breast examinations and pap smears. Two of the ladies are from Munster, Indiana and one is from Hammond, Indiana.

Medicare regularly refuses to pay for routine medical treatment, tests, and services if the items are done outside the time frames allowed by the rules of Medicare. Also, Medicare does not help pay for hearing tests or hearing aides, eye tests or eye glasses, or non-emergency dental services.

There are many problems with the federally run Medicare system. I have written over 100 articles about such problems and many of the articles are at http://www.medicareproblems.net. I have helped senior citizen clients to cancel over $600,000 in wrongful medical bills that were caused by mistakes at Medicare. There are problems with the federal Medicaid and the federal Veterans Administration medical clinics, too.

Obama and his allies in Congress want to impose a national health care system that is modeled on Medicare. That idea is based on the false belief that Medicare works great. It does not. If Obama does not understand this, then why shouldn’t citizens and Congressmen question his understanding and proposals for change of the health care system? That doesn’t mean that the current system is perfect. It just means that Obama and his allies have made up their minds without even listening to reason or considering the facts.

Note: Woodrow Wilcox is the senior medical bill problem solver at the largest senior citizen oriented insurance agency in the Midwest. For more articles or videos by him, visit http://www.medicareproblems.net, http://www.woodrowwilcox.com, and www.woodrowwilcox.tv.

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Written on October 6, 2009 by Woodrow Wilcox

Wilcox News Service

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