Thursday, October 8, 2009


By Woodrow Wilcox

The managers of Hoosier Healthcare have sent a letter to every U.S. Senator urging that no bill be passed which would kill entrepreneurs’ creativity to solve health care problems. Hoosier Healthcare has three clinics in or near Valparaiso, Indiana.

The firm gives unlimited visits to its clinics for an individual for only $25 per month. Employers can pay only $20 per employee or $40 for an employee and entire family to provide unlimited visits to Hoosier Healthcare clinics.

Many of the other medical services provided at Hoosier Healthcare are provided at costs which are up to half what Medicare pays for the same services. Also, the firm has partnered with a local pharmacy to allow patients to buy many prescription medicines for only $4.

Donald Kiger is the President and CEO of Hoosier Healthcare. He has owned or managed several successful businesses. Over time, he thought of various business models and systems which might deliver quality health care at lower prices. Earlier this year, he decided to start the firm and test his ideas.

Dr. Dean Shoucair is the Medical Director of Hoosier Healthcare. He likes the business model and believes that it can help many people – including doctors.

“Many people are concerned about the idea of a single payer system and the complications from that. A number of medical schools are getting smaller enrollment because fewer people believe that they will be able to pay for medical school and make a decent living as a doctor,” Dr. Shoucair explained.

“We are helping to deliver primary care to the people in our community with our unusual business model and system. Other entrepreneurs have good ideas, too. It would be a shame if the U.S. Senate adopts any law that would kill entrepreneurs’ creativity to solve problems and improve the health care system for all Americans,” Kiger concluded.

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Dear Senators,

Whatever you do in this session, please, don’t vote to kill entrepreneurs’ creativity to solve problems.

Our firm, Hoosier Healthcare, provides unlimited visits to our medical offices for only $25 per month. Employers can pay $20 per month per employee or $40 per month per employee’s entire family to allow unlimited visits to any of our three clinic offices.

Hoosier Healthcare provides many medical services at costs which are as low as half of what Medicare pays for the same services.

Hoosier Healthcare has adopted an unusual business model which allows our firm to provide primary care, urgent care, wellness care, and occupational health care at such low rates.

Finding the right business model requires creativity and freedom to experiment to learn what works to solve customers’ problems and use resources wisely. Government laws and regulations which are developed by committees of government officers and bureaucrats and which don’t allow creative problem solving is not the way to change health care for the better.
To learn more about how our firm does what it does to deliver quality primary health care and a range of other services at affordable prices, visit our website –

We are solving the problem of high costs for primary health care right now in our community. We hope to expand and grow to help people in other parts of the country, too.

Allowing our firm and other entrepreneurs a chance to solve the nation’s health care delivery problems makes more sense than any other option at this time.

Please, Senators, don’t kill entrepreneurs’ creativity to solve problems and help America.


Donald Kiger Dr. Dean Shoucair, D.O., M.P.H.

President & CEO Medical Director / MRO

Hoosier Healthcare; Porter County, Indiana; 1-888-282-8662

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